About me
I am a Seattle software developer who graduated from 2019 with a BS in Applied Computer Science (Cybersecurity) from Oregon State University. In my spare time I create free open-source software to help improve the preservation and digitization of music online.
Martin Anthony Barker
23 years
Seattle, WA


Oregon State University

September 2015 - July 2019
Bachelor - Applied Computer Science (Focus: Cybersecurity) My applied CS degree gave me the unique perspective of software development from a cybersecurity view. My courses included programming in languages such as Python, C++, C, as well as bash and linux command line experience. I also took courses on web devlopment using NodeJS, HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Django. As well as database setup / management with SQL and PostgreSQL. My cybersecurity courses taught me computer networking protocols and security, as well as threat detection / response. place Corvallis, OR


Bungee Tech

January 2020 - Current
Software Engineer Bungee Tech empowers retailers and brands to compete effectively in an ever-changing landscape. Our technology is currently shaping the grocery and CPG brand markets. As we grow, our coverage across more industry categories and segments will increase every day. place Seattle, WA | Bungee Tech

Zume, Inc

September 2019 - January 2020
DevOps Engineer (Software Engineer I) Working at Zume before the Seattle office was laid off, I was able to get hands on experience with the full Devops pipeline of code deployment from a local environment to the production clusters. I created Kubernetes clusters from scratch in Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and installed Helm as well as ingress load balancers. I also wrote my own Helm charts and Dockerfiles, as well as created webhooks to trigger the Docker image build process in Jenkins. This process of installing services to different cluster environments (dev / perf / staging / prod) was automated by Spinnaker pipelines that I also wrote. I carried a security mindset throughout all my work, setting up alert monitoring and handling cluster authorization. place Seattle, WA | Zume, Inc


June 2018 - August 2019
Fulltime - Quality Assurance Engineer MoxiWorks is an expanding real estate tech startup located in Pioneer Square. As a QA engineer I write automated testing software in Java to cover the Moxi suite of web products as well as their external API. Our workflow uses agile development and sprints to push out new features, as well as git to maintain the shared repo we all work in. This position has helped strengthen my programming habits for writing scalable code meant to be reused / revisited by different people for years to come. It's also given me more experience communicating with a team through daily standup meetings. place Seattle, WA |


September 2016 - April 2018
Fulltime - Student Engineer At Orange Media Network I worked as student engineer for OSU's TV / Radio station KBVR FM / TV. I was in charge of learning and teaching state-of-the-art media software / hardware used in our daily TV productions and radio broadcasts. I ran audio for on-location OSU football broadcasts, and was sent to the National Association of Broadcasters convention in Las Vegas by my college in 2015 / 2016. The position helped me gain experience in learning new tech outside my comfort zone, and teaching that technology to students in an understandable way devoid of technical jargon. place Corvallis, OR |